Securely Send Private Information Online

✅ Avoid spying & hacking

✅ Password protected

✅ Prevent data leaks

✅ Shred Information as soon as it’s viewed

✅ Military grade encryption

✅ 100% securely send information

Send Notes Securely

Do you know who is seeing your information?

Ever sent private information online via email, text or instant message? What happens to that data?

Do you really trust big tech with that information?

Sly Send offers a secure way to privately send information via our military grade encryption to safely reach the end recipient and self-destruct on your command simply by choosing the option you wish.

Send confidential information over the internet securely with our bulletproof way to send private notes or codes to the end user without compromise. We make sure the information available is for the right person, for the right amount of time, and it will shred the information right after it has been used.

Secure your Data

Dashboards & Analytics

You have a dashboard in the backend to send notes or request notes for secure information.

You will also be able to see each person you want to send and receive from. When they read a note and get notifications for when it is shredded.

Extremely Secure

Your notes, requests and snippets are encrypted with a variable encryption key based on a unique password you supply.
This means that only the people with the password can decrypt them. We are not able to decrypt your notes or your attachments.
Once a note has been shredded, its sensitive contents are erased completely.
This is perfect for sending sensitive information such as passwords or personal information over email or message without exposing your information in clear text or worrying if that private email has been deleted.

Totally Encrypted

Once data is encrypted, not even SlySend can decrypt it. Only the person with the password can decrypt the information. Your data is also automatically shredded after 7 days if you forget to set a time limit.

Simply Amazing

What a great multiplatform secure service that puts privacy and security first. With secure notes, request and snippets. SlySafe is an uncompromising app that doesn’t exploit its users.
Jimmy Smith
Happy Customer

Fair Pricing


  • 3 Notes a month
  • 3 Requests a month
  • 3 Snippets a month
  • Always free
  • 3Mb Attachment included
  • 100% encrypted and secure


  • 50 Notes a month
  • 50 Requests a month
  • 50 Snippets a month
  • 50Mb Attachments included
  • Priority Customer Support


  • 500 Notes a month
  • 500 Requests a month
  • 100Mb Attachment included
  • 500 Snippets a month
  • 100% encrypted and secure

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