Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Why shall I register?

Registering is the only tool we have to control the access and inappropriate use of our platform. For more info check our Conduct Code Terms of Use.

What are circles?

Circles is a system to custom each group’s/entity internal structure. Each group generates its own agreed codes*. See below an example.

Explanation on how circles work

*Slysend does not generate the codes. You have make it up and agree with your proposed circle.

Is Slysend a safe system?

Yes, Slysend is a safe platform you can fully trust. We understand it is a big responsibility, so we are fully committed to guarantee your anonymity during the whole process.

How many emails can I send?

There’s no limit to your communication! You can send as many emails as you want or need as long as you comply with our terms of service.

What happens to my emails? Are they read by are Third-party or are they confidentical?

Your emails are directly sent to the intended receiver. Slysend does not read or share the emails you send with anyone.

How to report inappropriate behaviour?

If you notice any inappropriate behavior in Slysend, get immediately in touch with us. Check the Terms of Use to verify the allowed behaviours.

Who is reponsible for the emails sent?

The sender is the sole responsible for the information communicated.

*If you are underage, your legal tutor will be responsible for the message sent.

What happens when I delete my account?

Once you decide to leave us, all the information we have from you will be deleted. We don´t store any communication information, so your neither your emails nor your personal information will be retrievable.

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