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Everyday messages
for daily situations

Wheather you are part of the action or a bypasser you are able to influence and improve your surrounding.

Daily Situations

Everyday problems. The importance of report.


1 in 3 children is bullied at school



60% of cases are never reported


Minor Crime

Every 5 min a bike is stolen in public


Abuse of Power

Each abuse costs a company over $7.5K



1 in 5 change job due to fake rumours


Gender Violence

90% of abused woman feel alone



Early advice, raises happyness by 50%


Public Disorder

3% report anti-social behaviour in events


Are you aware? Use an anonymous report website

What's in common? | Identifying the problem

Mass of People

Mass on mute

All the cases above are just a sample of what happens around us every day. Mass silences most of them.

What we propose? | The solution

Pointing Out

Picking up

Don't hold back your thoughts, worried to stand-out and be identified. Finally, you can inform safely without being pointed at.

What's next? | Our future view


The commiment

Our aim is to get a mutual benefit for the individual’s communication with the collective.

Girl Reporting

Reporting game changer

Situations where certain things need to be said because it is right and good. Speak up!

You have more impact than you think.

How can an anonymous message help you? | Examples



• Problem: Paul is bullied during the school breaks.

• Solution: Nick walks by, sees the issue and sends a message to the school. Thanks to that information, teachers put an extra eye on Paul.



• Problem: Becky, new in her job, is constantly harassed by the manager Thomas. She is afraid to lose the job in case of reporting it.

• Solution: Ryan, senior in the company and Thomas’ friend, decides to report anonymously to HR.


Minor crime:

• Problem: A backpack goes missing from John´s locker. After John asks everybody, no one knows anything.

• Solution: someone cover by the anonymity finally informs who took it or where it could be found.


Abuse of power:

• Problem: Jason’s boss is creating a very toxic environment due to lack of management skills. The main manager is not aware of this practice.

• Solution: Jason is tired of working hard and late daily. After informed, the main manager creates a new working schedule in order to avoid any extra hours.



• Problem: There are some Chinese whispers about Matt at work. This is hindering his progression and he’s about to resign.

• Solution: Matt’s colleagues send a message to him. Thanks to this early information input, Matt is aware and able to resolve the situation.


Gender violence:

• Problem: In a lady’s night out, Amanda is visibly concerned and out of mind. It’s noticeable that something is wrong.

• Solution: The next day, Amanda receives an Anonymous email with useful information and all the support of her friends.



• Problem: The office is a total chaos, the manager cannot find any solution.

• Solution: Slysend is implemented in the office as Advice / Suggestion box. Eventually there is a lot real feedback with many new and creative ideas to solve it.


Public disorder:

• Problem: George is in a public event. As usual, people around him don´t let him to fully enjoy the spectacle.

• Solution: George informs the venue of the problem. Finally, the venue takes action.


What value adds to send anonymous message?

A deeper view

See beyond

Currently, we are all focusing on our isolated tunnel vision. We provide a new way of connecting people to each other, with a full 360 view of its surroundings, giving a new common sharing. A deeper view of the situations is basic to achieve right decisions. No more blind decisions.

Play with us

Everyone onboard

Biased message’s background attention? With our platform, we make all pieces come into play. Engage all the subjects into the action, and get the two sides of story. No matter who you are, if you are Pawn or a Queen, now you are involved in the game. The message becomes the KING.

Raise your voice


No one around you saying anything? No initiative? It´s frustrating how a mass shares a feeling or thought, but none of them make a move. Now, you can be active without losing your anonymity, staying in the group safely. The silence of the mass will be broken!

Let´s see what people think about our anonymous email service.

"I am still totally shocked. I would have never thought I had a bullying case in my class. I was sure I knew all my students. We are constantly receiving talks about these cases, but it´s amazing how easy you can fail in your responsibilities."
- Anonymous Teacher -
"My company was losing a lot of valuable workers. I couldn’t figure out the issue and didn't get any answer from our employees. After tried your platform we received an anonymous complaint. Eventually, we resolved it in two weeks."
- Anonymous Employer -
"My best friend was involved in a big gossip. Everyone knew it apart from him. I didn’t know how to handle the situation. I felt I was betraying our friendship. Finally, I decided to send him a message through your web, and my friend could deal with it."
- Anonymous Friend -
Mindmap with Thoght Connections - Everybody is speaking about it