One Idea. Turned into Slysend.

When a friend said, can you send me your information regarding a “certain subject”. I thought hang on a minute. Facebook, Google and many others are constantly getting hacked and having data leaks. How can I truly trust them with my private information? Its simple… you can’t.

Weather email, messenger, whatsapp or something else, you can no longer trust big tech with your private information.

So we decided to build a solution. A unique way to send private information, securely online through a simple to use interface. No more worry about who is seeing my information. No more issues with data hacks and leaks. No more big tech spying on what I got to say online between friends and family.


With a password that you share between yourself and the person you want to have access to your information. You can send secure files, notes, scripts, requests or anything else. You also set the amount of time the can view it, how long it is online for. Or you can choose for the information to be shredded upon viewing. The data is fully encrypted. So only you and the persons with the password can decrypt what you are trying to send. We can’t even decrypt it.

With secure military grade encryption. The shred feature and a fully encrypted way to send your information, files, images etc online. Here is the solution you need.

Secure your Data